What to Do if a Dental Bridge Breaks?

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Having a chipped or broken tooth can be a huge source of embarrassment for many people. However, if the tooth is part of a dental bridge, then it results in the person being self-conscious and worried about how they are going to handle the repair financially. If a person has broken or fractured their bridge, they shouldn’t worry. Today, thanks to modern technology, most dentists can easily fix this issue.

What Does a Dental Bridge Do?

A dental bridge is a unique type of dental apparatus that replaces several missing teeth. It is usually secured using a crown on the abutment tooth, and then false teeth are used to fill in the gap left behind. If the bridge becomes broken, it will no longer be able to do the job of filling in the gap.

Common Reasons a Dental Bridge May Break

Usually, a dental bridge is created from a metal frame that is then coated with either porcelain or ceramic. While these are usually pretty sturdy, the materials may become weaker because of poor oral hygiene. They can also crack or chip just like a normal tooth. Additionally, bridges may break if the adjoining teeth break or fracture. In this situation, the bridge will remain intact, but no longer be able to properly function.

Steps to Take if a Dental Bridge Breaks

One of the most important things a person can do if they break their dental bridge is to stay calm and contact their dentist. While this issue may not be painful, the break will let bacteria get into the bridge, which can cause issues over time.

The dentist will evaluate the break and discuss the options available for repair. In some cases, the fix will be easy, but in other situations, it may be necessary to opt for a full or partial veneer to help hide the break that occurred.

While dental bridges are designed to be strong and stand up to day to day use, issues can still arise. When they do, contacting a dentist right away is the best course of action. More information about getting repairs for a dental bridge can be found by visiting the Aria Dental of Annapolis website.